August 25, 2016


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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How to enroll my child in Sprouts Kids Arena?

Call us at 91-9444462367 to schedule a visit to the school. Currently we don’t provide Online Applications, but you can request for one at our premises in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

We speak a different language at home than at the preschool. How will this influence my child’s ability to progress in the classroom?

Children learn languages simultaneously. The track for English grows independently and develops with other language tracks the child is exposed to in its home environment. Children exposed to several working languages do not mix them. They develop dominant and second language fluency at the same time.

What does my child need to bring?

  • Enough food for the day at school.
  • A drink bottle. Children also have access to water in the school and are often reminded to drink enough water.
  • Spare clothes – Spare clothes can be helpful for changing after playing with colours, water play, a big mess or a toileting accident.

Is there a sleep or rest time?


What is your approach to Discipline?

We will have children internalize good behaviour, not simply react to a grown-up. To do this we will focus on helping the child understand regard, responsibility and resourcefulness. However, kids don’t come to us with these qualities set up. At the point when a kid carries on in a way that is inadmissible, he will be held accountable with a logical discipline. For instance, if a child picks a specific material and is utilizing it improperly, say harming it, he will at first be diverted to utilize it appropriately. In the event that this does not cure the issue the child will be advised to put the material away and will most likely be unable to utilize it again for a few days. When a child is reliably running in the class jeopardizing himself as well as other people, he may be requested to stay with the educator or to remain seated at a table. Be that as it may, this issue was identified with movement, subsequently the outcome is the confinement of movement.

How is a Montessori Preschool different from other Preschools?

In most preschools the children are taught educational concepts in a group by a teacher. In a Montessori preschool like Sprouts Kids Arena, the children learn concepts spontaneously as they work independently with the many materials in the environment.

What is the difference between traditional and Montessori education?

There are several significant differences. First, In a traditional classroom, children are arranged towards set teacher-directed activities. Whereas, in a Montessori classroom, children are free to choose the work they desire with guidance from the teacher. Children learn at their own pace. Second, in traditional classrooms, children are separated into classes by age. In a Montessori classroom, children are in a mixed-age group that spans three years, encouraging interaction between children of different ages. Third, in a traditional classroom, children are often expected to understand concepts by rote memorization. Materials in a Montessori classroom are self-correcting; children learn in a “hands-on” and concrete way. Finally, freedom of movement is encouraged in a Montessori classroom.

How does a “real” Montessori classroom look like?

  • A multi-aged, multi-graded heterogeneous grouping of students.
  • A diverse set of Montessori materials, activities and experiences which are designed to foster physical, intellectual, creative and social independence.
  • Teacher hand-made Language materials for reading and writing
  • A schedule which allows large blocks of time to problem solve, to see connections in knowledge and to create new ideas.
  • A classroom atmosphere which encourages social interaction for cooperative learning, peer teaching and emotional development.