How to prepare your child for Preschool?

Preschool PreparationPreschool marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s life. It is the growing phase of their initial years, when they socialize and learn new things. Preschools in Chennai have evolved from being daycare centers and have become the place where children could learn to interact with people of their age group and develop their learning skills. Here are a few tips to prepare your child in preschool.


Plan social activities for your children. Conduct activities or play dates that involves your child in interacting, sharing and playing cooperatively with other kids. You can also enroll them in extracurricular classes such as music or gymnastic classes for social interaction with other children.


Stop blatantly lying to your child. Besides telling your child about the fun part in joining preschool, be empathetic and help him/her shed his/her inhibitions. Being honest with the necessary information about what they will be doing, where they will be going and who will be in the class with them, would help them calm their fears. Meet his/her teacher and a few students together with them before the first day of school.


Sending your child to preschool could possibly be the hardest part of your life. So, fabricate a special good-bye ritual that involves something special they like, tell them how much you love them, pack their favorite food or give them a warm hug. Be calm and do not cry when you drop your child off, as this may upset them and will likely worry about being left alone for the entire day.

Considering the above preparation tips, ensure that both you and your child are prepared for the biggest step towards the future endeavor. Apart from the ABC’s and 123’s, also ensure that your child is learning to socialize and adapt to the new environment. Make the whole experience as fun filled frolic by enrolling your child in Sprouts Kids Arena, one of the best preschools in Chennai.

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